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Where does Global ship to?

We ship products to most countries around the world.

The U.S. and Canada are the most frequent destinations.

To check if we ship to your country; simply add an item to the shopping cart, fill out your shipping information in the checkout process and proceed to the shipping options page to see if you are given shipping options.


Does Global ship to Canada?

Yes. UPS or US Mail are generally the cheapest to Canada.  With US Mail there is no customs duty to worry about, so we would recommend it.  If you ship UPS Expedited or Express – the customs is also included in the shipping amount (this is not the case with UPS standard). The customer is responsible for any customs duties on their shipment.


How do I figure out shipping costs?

After adding an item to the shopping cart press the ‘Checkout’ button and enter your shipping information on the next page. After filling out the shipping information press the ‘Checkout’ button to proceed to the shipping options page. On the shipping page you will be able to see your shipping options and costs for the products that are currently in your shopping cart. Use the back button to go back to the shopping cart to make changes or continue shopping.




Why do I get an error when adding items to the shopping cart?

The shopping cart requires that your browser is set to allow ‘Cookies’. It is the way the shopping cart keeps track of what items you add to it. The setting is generally found in the browser’s ‘options’ or ‘tool’ menu under ‘security’ or 'privacy' options.

For Internet Explorer (IE) Browsers:

In your browser’s menu go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet Options’ > Click on the ‘Security’ tab. Either click ‘Reset all zones to default level’ OR drag the slider to ‘medium-high’ or ‘medium’. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Okay’.

For Google Chrome Browsers:

Go to tools > Options > Content Settings > 
Then make sure the cookies are set to ‘allow local data to be set (recommended)’


Note: Using a browser in 'Private Browsing' mode will also disable the shopping cart.


What if the ‘Cookies’ setting is correct but I still get an error?

If your browser is set to allow cookies and you are still receiving an error then please e-mail our website designer (contact) and provide a description of the error and what browser you are using so we can help.




How do I contact Global?

Visit our contact page for contact information and hours.




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