Global Tooling - Specializing in quality tooling for the woodworking industry.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to making our customers successful:


We understand that today's millwork manufacturer must be dynamic to survive. We can assist in your success by providing a large selection of high quality products with prompt delivery, all at the lowest possible price. We strive to provide quick, polite, and responsive technical service to all of your inquiries. We also offer experienced advice to help you produce the best possible product at the lowest possible cost.

We offer high quality products that are 100% guaranteed from tested and well respected tooling and abrasive manufacturers that have earned our trust. We are able to offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry through volume purchasing and an efficient low overhead structure. Buying from us means you can rest assured that you receive fair prices on all the high quality items you use every day. We promise to work hard to be you key supplier on machine cutting tools, mill equipment, and grinding room supplies. Contact us today to learn how we can help you prosper.


Titan Knife Works Brand:


Global Tooling offers the Titan Knife Brand of precision woodworking knives. We provide a full line of moulder and planer knives used by thousands of industry leading millworkers around the world. Titan Knife knives are made of virgin (non-recycled) top grade High Speed Steel (HSS), salt bath heat treated (triple tempered) and finish ground to closer tolerances. Our knives are some of the finest made in the world today. To match our quality we offer factory direct prices that will meet or beat your best deal - call us to compare. Titan Knife Works