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Coolants, Lubricants & Cleaners

Coolant Lubricant Cleaner

Grinding coolants, table and wood lubes, knife blade cleaners, and more. We offer great prices on all your grinding room supplies. Coolant bottles will likely ship separate from other items ordered. Shipping costs may be adjusted accordingly.


ACI Carbide Coolant
ACI Carbide Coolant 4935
1 Gallon. Reduces heat, inhibits rust. This is an excellent coolant for use when grinding carbide knives or saws. It is the best we have found to resist leaching cobalt. ACI 4935 reduces your need to change the coolant as often and greatly reduces the risk of acid salts breaking down the carbide solids causing toxic cobalt waste. This is a must have for heavy carbide grinding shops.




Blade Clean - 1 Gallon
Blade Clean
1 Gallon. Cutterhead & Saw Blade Cleaning Solution



Blade Clean
Blade Clean Concentrate (6 Gallons)
Cutterhead & Saw Blade Cleaning Solution - 6 Gallons. Makes 30 gallons of cleaner once diluted. A proven saw and cutter head cleaning solution and rust inhibitor that is effective at removing pitch and resin. "Blade Clean" is safe to use in your existing soak tanks, providing a non-toxic yet very effective alternative to harsh paint and rust strippers. "Blade Clean" has been proven safe to use with Hydro-Locking cutterheads. Concentrate is to be diluted with 5 parts water. Blade Clean can also be used to clean glue and machine parts. We also sell ultrasonic and heated soak tanks. Caustic to Aluminum.









Kool Mist Grinding Coolant
Kool Mist #77 Grinding Coolant
1 Gallon.



Grind Kool
Grind Kool
1 Gallon.



Bed Lube 220 - 1 Gallon
Bed Lube 220
1 Gallon.



Bed Lube 220 - 6 Gallon Pail
Bed Lube 220
6 Gallon Pail.