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Moulder Steel - Corrugated Back Moulder Knives

25" long bars of 60° corrugated back precision moulder knife steel shipped from stock for molding knife and profile knife grinding.


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D2-HCHC Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

D2 High Carbon High Chrome steel blades - Great for short production runs, easy to grind and resists nicks in knotty soft woods. - Grade Details

V2-HSS Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

V2 is our newest exotic breed of HSS with extra Vanadium for long life. Same wear life and performance as M2-HSS at a 25% lower cost. Great for most long runs in soft or hard woods while easy to profile shape. - Grade Details

M2-HSS Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

M2-HSS grade offers 25% longer tool life over D2-HCHC. Great for most situations with better wear resistance in hard and soft wood long runs. - Grade Details

Black Nitride HSS - BN - Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

V2-HSS + Black Nitride (BN) treatment. Case hardened steel offering ~ 50% longer tool life over V2-HSS and is easier to profile than V3-HSS. - Grade Details

M3 + HSS Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

Extra long wearing grade with Vanadium, wears about 30% longer than M2-HSS. Super alloy steel for long runs or on tough hardwoods. - Grade Details

V2 + RW Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

HSS with a diamond dust chrome electro-plating coating process to provide a longer wearing cutting edge. Wears like Black Nitride and even longer in wet or acidic woods. - Grade Details

Endurance +SR Super Run Coated  Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

Our new “Endurance” with "Super Run" coating moulder steel is the best option for extended production time and tool life. Tool life is increased up to 600 percent. - Grade Details

Carbide Inlay Corrugated Moulder Knife Steel

TCT Carbide Tipped Knives offer over 1,000% (10 times) the tool life of M2-HSS. Carbide is used on hardwoods (i.e. Hickory, Hard Maple, MDF, plywood, etc.) - Grade Details

Combing Rougher Knives

Offered in both smooth back and corrugated back.