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Finger Joint Tooling

Finger Joint Tooling

We offer the full line of finger joint cutterheads, knives, wing cutters, and spare parts.


Finger Joint Knives and Fingerjoint AceCo Cutterheads


AceCo. Finger Joint Cutters

Finger joint knives for cutting joint lengths from 1/8" to 1-1/2" long are available. Knives are offered in High Speed Steel, Carbide Tipped, Solid Carbide, and treated M2 steel to extend run times between resharpenings.


AceCo. Finger Joint Heads

Precision finger joint heads for all production finger joint machines including IWW Industrial Woodworking, Western Pneumatics, Cader-Tech, Dimter, Grecon, Taihei, Kikukawa, Dubus, Sauter, Omga and more. Heads from 2 to 20 knife stacks are available for production rates up to 300 blocks/min. We can supply heads with Hydro-Locking sleeves or with Cone / Collet bores for any diameter spindle. Call for JAS or AISI structural joint certification assistance.



Finger Joint Facing Grinding Wheels

Finger Joint Grinding Wheels

We provide a full line of wheels with various diameters, grits, bonds and hardness in Aluminum Oxide, Blue Ceramic, CBN or Diamond. We can custom match the proper wheel for your needs and your specific grinder.




European Style Standard Wing Finger Joint Cutters

European Style - Standard - Wing Finger Joint Cutters

Wing cutters are offered in High Speed Steel or Carbide Tipped for hardwoods. We supply wing cutters from 2 to 10 wings for feed rates up to 200 blocks/min. at 6,000 rpm.



Finger Joint Custom Saw

Other custom joint styles are offered. Standard cutting circles are 160 mm and 250 mm. Standard bores are 50 and 70 mm. Bushings are available for smaller shaper spindles.







Japanese Style 2-Wing Carbide Tipped Finger Joint Cutters

Wing cutters offer an economical way to finger joint on a shaper or tenoner. We offer wing cutters to either produce small gaps at the end of the joint or closed up without a tip gap. If you are exporting your products outside North America your customers may request the tip gap option. Wing cutters provide high strength values because of their thin pitch and thin tip design. Insert knife style wing cutters are also offered. Single inserts can be replaced at a lower cost if a tip should break off. Insert style heads offer a long term lower cost option for finger jointing on lareger production machines.





Finger Joint Machine Parts



Finger Joint Machine Parts

We offer all the wear type parts including brush strips chain guides, bed bars, insert rails, air pressure bags, lugs, chain links, sprockets, squeeze rolls, press feet and more. Spare parts are CNC machine to OEM tolerances but without the high OEM prices.




Finger Joint and Edge Glue Application Equipment

Finger Joint & Edge Glue Application Equipment

Apquip glue application equipment for finger joint, edge and face gluing is available.



Finger Joint Glue Head

Glue Heads

We provide the best choice in quick change glue nozzles for consistant glue application. Apquip glue heads are made from the finest stainless teel and designed for your specific profile and adhesive. Adjustable heads that allow the same head to glue from 4/4 to 8/4 are also available.



Finger Joint Cutter Comb and Head Cleaner

Finger Joint Cutter Combs / Head Cleaner

Head cleaners to eliminate finger joint head plugging by Beachport. These head combs are designed to eliminate wood chips and wood dust from in between the knives. The head cleaner design uses a precision fixture that secures a brass profiled comb 100 deg. before the cut. Standard comb stands and mounts are offered for Industrial, Western and other finger joint systems. All head cleaners are designed to pivot safely out of the dust hood if a block is sucked in. Brass combs are made to fit your thickest knife setup, up to 8/4.