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Hybrid™ Moulder Head

Hybrid Moulder Head


2 Corrugated knife pockets for moulding hardwoods (12° cutting angle) – to reduce chip out on hardwood profiles in maple, hickory, etc.


2 Corrugated knife pockets for moulding softwoods (20° cutting angle) – to reduce fuzzing on long grain softwoods like hemlock, cedar, red-wood, & wet wood.


4 Rows (2+2) of long wearing carbide insert knives for long run efficient surfacing hard or softwoods.


Note: Filler wedges must be used in the 4 corrugated pockets when surfacing with carbide insert knives. Filler Wedges sold separately. Carbide insert knives run the opposite rotation of the corrugated pockets. *Hybrid™ Moulder Head Patent Pending.


Note: Allow 3 to 4 Weeks for delivery.

Call for availability.


Save your money! No need to buy 3 different moulder heads anymore. One cutter head packed with 3 functions to reduce your tooling budget.

Moulders are often used to surface and size lumber so having a set of surfacing heads is a must. The carbide insert knives on our Hybrid moulder head use inexpensive disposable 14mm square inserts (14x14x2.0) that have 4-cutting edges. No sharpening is required if you hit a staple or when they dull; simply clean the knife seat and rotate the cutting edges as needed. These insert knives on the hybrid head will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on knife re-sharpening and production downtime. Carbide inserts wear 12 times longer than corrugated High speed steel knives.


Hybrid Head - 1 Head 3 Functions