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The ultimate system for efficiency and versatility. Our redesigned Quick-Lock heads offer a total of 6-Knife pockets; 2 surfacing knives, 2 pocket knives, and 2 additional pockets that accept profile knife holders and low cost inserts for profiles. Our head and knives are 100% compatible with your existing Terminus™ tooling.


Quick-Lock Heads
Our Quick-Lock Series 3 heads come in 1.50", 40mm, and 1-13/16" bores. Cutting lengths from 100mm to 240mm. Our heads will work with Terminus™ planer knives.


Quick-Lock Profile Knives
We offer Quick-Lock C3 carbide profile knives, backout holders / carbide knives, and a profile blank for custom profiles allowing for a variety of profiling options.


Quick-Lock Planer Knives
Our Quick-Lock Terminus™ Style T1-HSS and C3 carbide planer knives are available in lengths from 50mm to 700mm.