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Straight Bore





We offer a complete line of smooth bore corrugated knife cutter heads that fit most moulders and shapers. Heads are precision CNC machined from high strength steel and designed to operate at speeds up to 9,000 rpm. Heads are made to exceed the most stringent European OEM standards allowing you to produce smooth material finish with years of trouble free use. Custom single and dual hook heads are also offered. Call for prices. Standard Dual Hook 12° / 22° cutter heads are normally shipped from stock.

Straight Bore Moulder Heads available in both Single and Dual Hook. 12 and 20 degree cutting angle.
3/4" & 1" Bore - 76mm / 3" & 89mm / 3.5" Outer Diameter Straight Bore Moulder Heads

The S76 line has a 76mm (3") body diameter with a 3/4" bore while the S89 line has a 89mm (3.5") body diameter with a 1" bore. Heads hold standard corrugated knives for smaller diameter shapers and mini-moulders.


1.25" Bore - 100mm / 4" Outer Diameter Straight Bore Moulder Heads

The S100 line with a 4" body diameter is designed for shapers & smaller non-jointed moulders. They offer the flexiblity to use corrugated knife steel which can be ground to any profile you require. No grinder; no problem we offer standard and custom made pre-profiled knives ready to run.


1.50" or 40mm Bore - 122mm 4.8" Outer Diameter Straight Bore Moulder Heads

Heads for smaller & mid-sized moulders like Weinig Profomat, Wadkin, SCMI, LeaderMac, etc. Heads have a 122mm body diameter, 4-knife pockets for Corrugated knives, 40mm or 1-1/2" straight bores.


1-13/16" or 2-1/8" Bore - 137mm / 5.4" Outer Diameter Straight Bore Moulder Heads

The S137 line is designed for larger European and Asian brand moulders (5.4" Body Diameter). Heads are offered with corg. pockets and a choice of cutting angles.