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Tem Tech TM-1418 - CNC Template Maker

In the past template making was a labor intensive task. They were all made by hand and no two templates were exactly the same. Then CNC technology came along that allowed exact duplication of templates quickly but at the time required advanced CAD skills to design, program and cut them. Tem Tech has now made template making simple and fast through the use of a table top router combined with specifically designed software to breakdown the template creation process into 4 easy steps.



Tem Tech CNC Template Maker

Crown Molding Template, Knives & Final Wood Piece.

The crown molding piece shown

was cut with a template created

on the CNC Template Maker. Template capacity 4" x 13". Larger machines can be made.

Template & Pattern

4 Easy Steps



Scan Wood Sample or Drawing

Using a commercially available scanner, included in the package, you can scan a wood sample or a hand made drawing into Tem Techs Template Sketcher © software. If a CAD drawing is already available then this step can be skipped and the CAD drawing (DXF) can be imported into the next step.


Trace Sample

Once the image is in the Template Sketcher © software you can trace or clean up the image with the given tools in the program. This software is specifically designed for this task. Easily trace the sample and modify lines and radius. It is especially useful for damaged samples or hand drawn images.


Setup CNC Options

Next bring the template drawing into Cut-2D © where the drawing is prepared for running on the CNC Router. Designate a router bit for cutting the template, a material to cut and other factors for CNC machining. Once setup these variables rarely change. A final click of the mouse writes the CNC G-Code for you! No programming or computer degree needed.


Run Code

Now for the fun part. Load the template material onto the machine. Open in Mach3 © the CNC G-Code program that was written and with a click of the mouse the template starts being cut! The Mach3 © software monitors the machine, controls the speeds and gives a real time digital display of the status of the program.


Technical Details

*Z axis

4 inch / 102mm

Clamp Table Dimensions

*X axis

4.6 inch / 117mm

*Y axis

12 inch / 305mm

Guide Rails for Axis

ABBA Brand

0.787 inch / 20mm

Ballscrews (Recurclating Bearing) - 1 per Axis

High Tolerance

0.001 inch / 0.0254mm Backlash

Servo Drive in 3 Axis

Gecko Drive Axis Controllers

Closed Loop 1,000 Line Encoder

Router Specifications

*Make & Model

Bosch Colt™

*Motor Power

1 HP


Variable Speed

*Range RPM

16,000 to 35,000

*Collet Capacity

0.25 inch / 6.35mm

Computer Specifications (Minimum)


2.6 GHz


1 GB

Hard Drive

60 GB


10/100 Mps



Sound / Video / Keyboard / Mouse


LCD Monitor

19 Inch


Canon Brand

Machine Dimensions


32 inch / 813mm


23 inch / 585mm


31 inch / 787mm

Machine Weight (Basic)

180 lbs / 82 kg

Router Bits

1mm Solid Carbide / 10 pcs

Template Plastic

10 pcs



* Denotes standard template maker TM-1418. Other sizes and router power requirements are available. Template Maker Setup

$7,495.00 - 2 week delivery

Call to order.

The machine shown is shown with a complete package including computer, software and scanner. Tem Tech reserves the right to modify technical specifications without prior notice.