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Quick-Lock Operating Instructions

Properly secure the knives in the cutterhead and check that safety set screws are locked in before mounting on the machine.


Knife Changing Procedure


  1. Loosen Set Screws

    Loosen out the safety set screws, use the 3mm hexagon spanner.

    Hex Screw Driver

  2. Move Segmented Gib

    Use the hexagon spanner to punch, gently tap down, and slide the segmented gib to release the knife.

  3. Install Knife

    Install new knife or reverse current knife for new edge. Make sure the planing knife is properly seated on the bead.

  4. Secure Segmented Gib

    Punch the segment gib again, it will automatically secure the knife precisely in place.

  5. Tighten Set Screws

    Tighten the two safety set screws.